2018 Year Review

| 210 words | ~1 min

This year was a bit slow, but we published four detailed articles and started a new series of posts on game design. We also redesigned the website and started a news letter.

Posts at a Glance

We began making a simple video game in RPG Maker MV this year. First we established the cost and scope of the project. Then we covered the RPG Maker Interface and Map editor.

We covered two valuable networking tools along our RPG Maker project: ipconfig and ping. These quick overviews of are the start of a larger glossary of Windows 10 and Linux command-line tools.

Going Forward

We plan to continue our RPG Maker series in 2019. Our next article will be on basic event creation, then we will cover each page of the Database. After building this foundation we can start making little tutorials covering specific events, puzzles, and plugins.

There are many ideas we have yet to cover and it takes a lot of work writing about them. We plan to have guest writers publish content to help improve the quality and quantity of content.

We will be pushing updates through our new email list that you can subscribe to here or on the sidebar of this page.

See you in 2018!