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Open Source Software I Use On a Daily Bases

| 496 words | ~3 mins
I use a lot of programs between multiple computers. Most of the time these computers have different operating systems so I need cross-platform applications. Open source programs have come a long way over the years and no many can compete with commercial software. I use open source software because it is cross0platform, usually light weight, and it is free. I use these programs on both my dad’s Windows Desktop and my Linux laptop.

Just started this blog and instaled Cairo-Dock

| 149 words | ~1 min
I just started this blog. I just got Cairo-Dock working on my Linux computer. I don’t know why I need a dock, but it was hard to instal and it looks nice now that I got it working. It is very customizable and even has an application launcher. It was designed for the Gnome desktop environment, so it did not look so nice until I modified it to look good on KDE.