Gyokuro by Sugi Moto Tea

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  • Brand: Sugi Moto Tea
  • Price: $50
  • Weight: 227g (.5 lb)
  • Brew Temperature : 120 - 140°F
  • Brew Time : 3-4 Minutes
  • Type of Tea: Green Gyokuro
  • Where I got it: Utsuwa-No-Yakata in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles, CA

    A decent Gyokuro. I liked it alright, but brewing instructions were not the greatest and it was easy to brew bitter.


    Gyokuro is one of my favorite teas, so much so that it has become my go to green for daily consumption. There is a strong umami and earthy taste, but it is subtle enough that it is pleasant to drink at all times of the day.

    This particular gyokuro is not as fragrant or good tasting as others I have had. It still has an earthy taste, but this tea is very light in flavor. I found that brewing for more than 3 minutes makes it very bitter and destroys the flavor it. Going for less than 3 minutes resulted in an underwhelming flavor. Gyokuro is always delicate and needs some experimenting so your experience may very. Just remember to keep it at a low temperature and to not brew for too long.

    Overall it is a great tea and I’d recommend it to most people who enjoy green tea.

    Score: 8/10

    My Brewing Method

    Temp🌡️: 53°C
    Brew Time⏱️: 3 minute

    I filled a warm cup about half way with freshly heated water and then submerged the leaves in a tea basket. Then filled the cup the rest of the way, lightly poring over the leaves as I filled the cup. When brewing green teas I often avoid poring water directly over the leaves or only lightly pore water over them and focus on the sides of the cup or tea bowl. I also found that using slightly less than the recommend amount of leaves was the best as putting in the whole 5g made it too strong and bitter.

    Where can I get it?

    You may be able to find it in a local store that sells loose leaf teas, but if you cannot you can also get it from the manufacturers website.