Lazy Morning by Renegade Tea Estate

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  • Brand: Renegade Tea Estate
  • Price: $15.00
  • Weight: 50g
  • Brew Temperature : 176° F (80° C)
  • Brew Time : 3-4 Minutes
  • Type of Tea: Oolong
  • Where I got it: Sipsby Tea Discovery Box.

    Lazy Morning is an amazing oolong tea with a strong flavor. This is one tea I really loved.


    Oolong’s are a very diverse type of tea and I will say this tea is like no other. It has a soft, but distinct flavor closer to a light black tea than a lot of other oolongs I’ve had. It is earthy and nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness.

    My favorite thing about this tea is how smooth it is to drink, I could drink this every day. Unfortunately getting this specific tea might not be possible due to how Renegade runs their business, more on that in a moment.

    Score: 9/10 or Love it

    My Brewing Method

    Temp🌡️: 80° C
    Brew Time⏱️: 3 minute

    I filled a warm cup about half way with freshly heated water and then submerged the leaves in a tea basket. Then filled the cup the rest of the way, lightly poring over the leaves as I filled the cup. With this tea I was able to experiment with the amount of tea to water without issue as it is a very forgiving tea.

    It tasted best as described above, but it also works alright gongfu style. I brewed around 90° C for 15 seconds and added 5 seconds each brew. It tasted best after the first brew and started to decline rapidly.

    Where can I get it?

    It is currently out of stock, but sipsby might have some available in the future or you can find it at Renegade’s website.

    Renegade is not a normal tea store so only sell a few teas in their store as samplers. Instead you can purchase tea from a plot of land they own. Instead of buying pre-processed tea from them, you rent a tea garden from them for a growing season and tell them how you want the tea processed. Once the season is over they will send you the tea via mail. I’ve not tried it yet and a year is a long time to have money tied up, but the quality of this tea proves that they know their stuff. One day I’ll try this out and write a review of it.