Gyokuro Supreme by Chado

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  • Brand: Chado
  • Price: $51.90
  • Weight: 4oz
  • Brew Temperature : 74°C - 82°C
  • Brew Time : 1-3 Minutes
  • Type of Tea: Green Gyokuro
  • Where I got it: Chado Tea Room in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles, CA

    Gyokuro is one of my favorite teas. This one is fairly decent, but not the best for the price. I'd say hunt for something else.


    This particular gyokuro is not the highest quality and needs to be brewed at a far higher temperature than most I’ve had to get a good flavor. Once you bring the temprature up though it is a decent tea. The flavor could have been effected by the age of the tea or some other factor rather than the quality of the tea itself. For all I know it was sitting on the shelf for a few years before I came along.

    The Chado Tea Room brews their teas a little too hot causing them to be bitter so I recommend getting the leaves from them rather than ordering a fresh pot from them in person.

    For the price I’d say go with a different brand.

    Score: 7/10, still good, but I’d say go for something else.

    My Brewing Method

    Temp🌡️: 58-63°C
    Brew Time⏱️: 1 minute

    I filled a warm cup about half way with freshly heated water and then submerged the leaves in a tea basket. Then filled the cup the rest of the way, lightly poring over the leaves as I filled the cup. When brewing green teas I often avoid poring water directly over the leaves or only lightly pore water over them and focus on the sides of the cup or tea bowl. Using my standard 53°C temperature didn’t produce a distinct flavor and brewing at the recommended temperature made the tea too bitter. A little experimentation goes a long way with this tea.

    Where can I get it?

    You can get it from the Chado’s website or visit their tea room in person. The tea is usually cheaper in person.